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Embroidere fabric sticker

Embroidered fabric stickers

       Embroidered fabric stickers are known as appliqué which is another form of embroidery and also it has a long history in China.

Origin of fabric sticker

      The fabric sticker is a traditional form which reflects the woman’s intelligent and diligent who are in the pursuit of beauty in rural lives. In the earlier time, the fabric sticker is a method of mending clothing and after a series of improvements and changes, it became a kind of folk art. For a long time, the fabric sticker was spread among the people and was not discovered until 1985. Once it came out, the fabric sticker makes the world new eyes with her unique artistic charm. In 1986, the fabric sticker was exhibited on the “Hubei Folk Art Exhibition”.

How to make the fabric sticker?

    As we all know, the fabric sticker makes full use of corner scraps and make designs on a basic fabric. Firstly, it can be pasted with glue and then we sewing along the edge of the designs so as to fix it well. In the Nanyang, Hubei province, the girls who are married will take a special package of corner scraps in which there are various bits of clothing of the remaining contents when the dowry was sewing. After they married in, the brides can sewing clothing, hold skirts, shoes, hats, etc. with the package which do not cost much money, but the finished would be pretty beauty and well. Now, there is a kind of DaoQ fabric sticker with the hot melt adhesive on the bottom, which is convenient and do not need sewing.
The type of fabric sticker

      Wool Embroidery: also known as “needlepoint”, which is a kind of handicrafts to embroider on special mesh linen with color knitting wool mesh.

     Jeans Embroidery: As the name suggests, it is a kind of product with the embroidery on the denim fabric.
Modern Applications

     Nowadays, the embroidery fabric stickers sold in the market are mainly cartoons and badges, which are able to satisfy those who pursue personalized fashion. The fabric stickers are not inheritance Chinese traditional culture of fabric sticker, but also provide a creative costumes and life for most customers. When the clothing, cushions, sheets and quit cover is damaged or stain, you can choose a suitable fabric stickers cover it. On the other way, the fabric stickers also can decorate clothing, shoes and even you can use the double-sided adhesive it to the wall or furniture. Sometimes, a fabric sticker could add color on some old cloth and make it to be a new one.

How to use the embroidered fabric stickers?

      A piece of fabric sticker is small in size, the thickness is about 0.1 cm. It could be used for a wide range and simply to operating:

  1. Locate the fabric sticker on the place you like, and the put the side with hot melt adhesive faces the clothing.
  2. Turn the clothing over and control the temperature between 120 to 150 degrees to heat the clothing for 8 to 9 seconds on the back side, which make the fabric sticker heat uniformly.  If it does not convenient for turn the clothing over, you can put a piece of cloth and heat it.
  3. Finished.



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