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DAOQ’s Ceramic Hot-fix Applicator

Ceramic Hot-fix Applicator:

Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator is a convenient tool for DIY invented by Shanghai DaoQ Beads Co., Ltd. It is a patented product which can automatically draw the rhinestone and iron on it rightly. As the second-generation hot-fix applicator, it is more durable, safer and more portable than before.


Main features:

  1. The heating rod is made of ceramic material with nature of high-temperature resistance, corrosion-resistance, insulation etc. It ensures the safeness in using the applicator.
  2. The lifetime is longer than before.
  3. The product is legerity in shape, saving the space and portable.
  4. It can draw the rhinestone automatically and provides three sizes of the nozzle, namely ,1.5-3mm, 3mm-5mm,  5mm-10mm which can draw various shapes of the rhinestone and rhinestud, like circular ,square, triangle, oval and star etc.


Product parameters:

Input voltage: AC 120V-240V,50-60HZ                  Output: 10W                    

Packing and Gross weight: 25x10x3.3cm, 204 gram


Patent & Certification 

This product has already acquired patent in China and European countries and passed the safety certification of UL,CE and GS.

At present, the ceramic rhinestone applicator is well selling in the USA and Europe. You can also find it in DAOQ ’s taobao online store.

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