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       Rivet often used on bags, jeans and casual dress. The materials to produce Rivets are generally makes in iron, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy and etc. So at first, the rivets are mainly replaced cotton so as to reinforce jeans. But in modern society, People usually use rivets as a decoration on the clothing and luggage.
       Rivet, is essentially a fastener or is known as a stamping, which can be divided into metal rivets, alloy rivets, covered surface rivet and so on.
  Since most of the companies or the factories would like to produce rivet according to the custom’s requirements, so we cannot classified the categories according to its size.


       Initially, the appearance of rivets is to meet the needs of the labor. The rivet is used to replace the ordinary cotton, to reinforce the jeans and overalls. The time is changing and fashion continue to progress and update, rivet gradually become a kind of decorations on the Jeans, Jacks, Sport clothing or bags to show us its characteristics.

The appearance of Rivet
        Dec, 1870 to Dec, 1873    Levi’s created over 200 jeans with metal reinforcement which is the predecessor of jeans with metal rivets. Its founder Levis Strauss spent over 3 years to observation and research on the market and found this kind of trousers are popular among the workers.

      May, 1873                Levis Strauss spent $ 68 to patent and from that day on, the jeans with rivets was manufactured in large number. At the same time, the requirements were increasing.

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