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Acrylic Rhinestone

     Acrylic Rhinestone is one of the most important parts as the garment accessories. Cause the Acrylic has characteristic of bright and light, difficult to fragmentation, low cost and easy to produce, so the acrylic rhinestone become one of the most common accessories.


    Acrylic is a kind of chemicals called Acrylic acid. There is a plating layer on the bottom in order to reflect more light.


     Typically, the Acrylic Rhinestone usually used on headdress, earrings, bracelet and etc. On the other hands, they are appearing on the garment accessories, such as rivets and buttons.

      Nowadays, the acrylic rhinestone can be used on the household products or building decoration, for example, Jushi, lighting and wall stickers.

      Recently, some promotional gifts choose Acrylic Rhinestone as the decoration.

       Acrylic Rhinestone does not like hot-fix rhinestone, so it needs to use glue paste. With the Rhinestone Applicator to suck the acrylic rhinestone, then dipped on glue and place it for about 3-5 hours. If you use the AB glue, it need to put for 2 days.
The produce of Acrylic Rhinestone

       The process of producing acrylic rhinestone is complicated. Firstly, it can be injected into the moldings. Secondly, stain or stain during the injecting directly. The last step is to plating.

       Acrylic Rhinestone was originally made in Taiwan, which has a good quality, then, it was called Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestone. The next few years, the Acrylic Rhinestone made by DaoQ, ChenMing, Dichao and other companies was called as Acrylic Rhinestone.

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