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Hot-fix Rhinestone

    Hot-fix Rhinestone is a kind of garment accessories. which is using the thermal transfer materials, such as Rhinestones, Hot-fixed chips, Hot-fixed sequins and etc, to compose the specific designs and with the Hot-fixed paper which is regarded as the transfer film to transfer the designs from the paper to the clothes. The function of motif design is to decorate, as the convenient process and shining effects, it had been wildly used on T-shirt, sweaters, hats, scarves, handbags and etc.


    According to the Origin:   Korean Rhinestone, MC, Swarovski Rhinestone, Domestic Rhinestone (Acrylic Rhinestone)

   According to the Quality:  Crystal Rhinestone, Glass Rhinestone, Aluminum Metal Mesh Rhinestone.

  According to the DaoQ coding,

 The basic coding is R (The first letter of Rhinestone)
 Korean Rhinestone is coded as AAR

 Two-side Rhinestone is coded as AR

 One-side Rhinestone is coded as BR

 Swarovski Rhinestone is coded as SW (The first two letters of the word)

 Size code

Ss04 1.5-1.6mm 8 cuts
Ss06 1.9-2.0mm 10 cuts
Ss08 2.4-2.6mm 10 cuts
Ss10 2.7-2.8mm 12 cuts
Ss12 3.0-3.2mm 12 cuts
Ss16 3.8-14.0mm 12 cuts
Ss20 4.6-4.8mm 12 cuts
Ss30 6.4-6.2mm 12 cuts
Ss34 7.4-7.5mm 12 cuts
Ss40 8.5-8.6mm 12 cuts

 There are variety of specific shapes such as:

Square – SQ

Rectangle – RE

Heart – HE

Drop – DR

The code of specificity shape could be coded as:

The first two letters of English words + size

e.g. Square 3×3 is coded as SQ3X3

Horse eye 8×4 is coded as EY8X4

Generally the code of colors is the same as Swarovski and is usually using three-digit, such as Green 214, Red 208, etc.

DIY methods
Pressing machine or Home iron:

  1. Take the white layer under the designs off and put the adhesive sticker on suitable place, pressing it flat to make the sticker adhesive on the cloth.
  2. Turn the Iron to the “cotton” and dry iron. You can put the cloth on a towel in order to make the designs can stick on the cloth better. Pressing the Iron on the cloth for about 12 seconds. If the design is larger than iron, you can move the iron I so as to make the whole design covered.
  3. Iron finished, the sticker should be taken off after cooling and a beautiful Rhinestone design finished.

Drilling hot iron:

  With the special Iron, the method is the same as Iron. But for larger rhinestones, you should Iron it from the other side.
Rhinestone Applicator:

  Make a sign on the place you want, and pick the rhinestone up with the applicator, then Iron it on the mark place. You can iron the rhinestone on uneven place, such as shoes or bags, etc.

Sometimes, the rhinestone can be used on fingernails or the stickers on the phones.

The quality of Rhinestones

  Usually the Korean Rhinestone is specified as A+, A and B.

A+: high brightness, non-variegated rhinestone, the cutting is perfect, no nick, no bubble and the defect rate is around 1% to 2%, the rate of degumming is about 0.5% to 1%, the size of these rhinestones are the same and high solid.

A: brightness, few variegated rhinestone, uneven surface, with bubbles, the defect rate is 5%-8%, the rate of degumming is about 1% to 2%, the size of these rhinestones are the same and high solid.

B: brightness difference, with 15% variegated, uneven surface, with bubbles, the defect rate is 20%-50%, the rate of degumming is about 3% to10%, the size of these rhinestones are not the same and low solid.

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