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Motif Designs

Motif design

     The motif design is a kind of garment accessories, which is using the thermal transfer materials, such as Rhinestones, Hot-fixed chips, Hot-fixed sequins and etc, to compose the specific designs and with the Hot-fixed paper which is regarded as the transfer film to transfer the designs from the paper to the clothes. The function of motif design is to decorate, as the convenient process and shining effects, it had been wildly used on T-shirt, sweaters, hats, scarves, handbags and etc.


  With the days going on, there are a variety kinds of designs are appearing. Here are some main categories as follows:

Rhinestone motif

  Generally speaking, the materials are applied to make rhinestone motifs are some man-made crystal or glasses, such as Swarovski, MC, DMC, Korean Rhinestone, eco-friendly rhinestone, etc.

  The most important characteristic of rhinestone motif is its shining, because the man-made crystal could translucent brightly and with good refraction effects.
Aluminum rhinestone designs

  Be a kind of transfer materials, the Aluminum Metal Mesh is wildly used in the recent years. In the market, we can see a lot of other products made of aluminum, such as Hot-Fix Studs, Dome Nailhead, Hot-Fix Cutted Rhinestone, Hot-Fix Nailhead, Hot-Fix Embossed Nailhead, Hot-Fix Copper Studs, etc.

  The advantages of aluminum metal mesh are uncountable. Firstly, it has the metal color and can achieve a variety of colors at the same time. Secondly, its shape is rich and can be shaped as we need. Thirdly, its low price can meet lots of needs.

Sequin designs
  Sequin designs are widely used on some famous brand of Europe and the United States. This kind of designs does not require the hand-stitch as the traditional beads, which can save us a lot of time. However, the cost of sequin designs is very high.

  Recently, with the laser to cut sequin designs enables us to faster the processing and make more precise designs.
Printed designs

  It is the newest products in 2009. The products mainly adopt the aluminum metal mesh as the substrate, after the engrave by laser and spray to get the colors, its result is very exquisite and realistic.
Small stone packs

   The beautiful single design is attached to the printed paper cards and with the PP bag or plastic packaging, it can be hung in the supermarkets.
   As the motif designs are more and more popular, the consumes can chose the favorite designs to make a DIY.

Elements affect the motif

1 The Quality of Rhinestone

2 The Quality of Hot-Fix Paper

3 The Method of modeling

4 The Processing

5 The Way to Package

6 The Way to Transfer

7 The Way to Iron

8 The check and acceptance

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