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Korean Rhinestone

Korean Rhinestone          

    Korean Rhinestone is a fashionable accessory materials and an important part of garment accessories.



    In the early, the Korean Rhinestone can be divided as ss6-ss34 and 8-cut, but nowadays the new kind of Korean Rhinestone could divided into ss4-ss34 in which the ss4 with 8-cut, ss6-ss12 with 10-cut and ss16-ss34 with 12-cut. There are 28 kinds of colors in the color card but actually there are over 35 in the market. In order to satisfied with more requirements from the customers, there are more shapes in the market, such as square, horse eye, heart and so on.

(ss6-ss34 is the coding of DaoQ Rhinestone)


    Korean Rhinestone is made of environmental glass and the lead is about 5%, so its color and refraction is not so good as Swarovski and MC which made its price cheaper.


     The code of Korean Rhinestone is same as Rhinestone, so according to the DaoQ coding as,  Korean Rhinestone is coded as AAR

Size code

Ss04 1.5-1.6mm 8 cuts
Ss06 1.9-2.0mm 10 cuts
Ss08 2.4-2.6mm 10 cuts
Ss10 2.7-2.8mm 12 cuts
Ss12 3.0-3.2mm 12 cuts
Ss16 3.8-14.0mm 12 cuts
Ss20 4.6-4.8mm 12 cuts
Ss30 6.4-6.2mm 12 cuts
Ss34 7.4-7.5mm 12 cuts
Ss40 8.5-8.6mm 12 cuts


The code of Round Rhinestone as: RO(can be ignored)+SIZE, such as Round ss06 is coded as S06

The other specificity size could be: Unit is mm

Square 3×3, 4×4

Horse eyes 8×4

Heart 6.2×7

Triangle 6×6

Drop 5×8

Rectangle 2.5×5

     The code of specificity shape could be coded as:  The first two letters of English words + size, e.g. Square 3×3 is coded as SQ3X3, Horse eye 8×4 is coded as EY8X4

    Generally the code of colors is the same as Swarovski and is usually using three-digit, such as Green 214, Red 208, etc.


    Usually the Korean Rhinestone is specified as A+, A and B.

    A+: high brightness, non-variegated rhinestone, the cutting is perfect, no nick, no bubble and the defect rate is around 1% to 2%, the rate of degumming is about 0.5% to 1%, the size of these rhinestones are the same and high solid.

    A: brightness, few variegated rhinestone, uneven surface, with bubbles, the defect rate is 5%-8%, the rate of degumming is about 1% to 2%, the size of these rhinestones are the same and high solid.

    B: brightness difference, with 15% variegated, uneven surface, with bubbles, the defect rate is 20%-50%, the rate of degumming is about 3% to10%, the size of these rhinestones are not the same and low solid.

      You can use a professional tools, such as Rhinestone Applicator or Iron to insert the rhinestones on clothing, shoes or bag solidly. Ironing temperature is about 120 degrees, and you should pay attention to those bigger rhinestone designs which you need to iron from the inside.


     As the defected rate is only 3% to 5%, Korean Rhinestone is much more reliable. Because of its excellent wash fastness, evenly cut and low price, the Korean Rhinestone has became the main products in the market.

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