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Cloth Button

      Most of time, the Cloth button are round-based, but nowadays there are many other companies are developing new shapes to satisfied the needs of customers.

According to the size:  6.5 #, 8 #, 9 #, 10 #, 11.5 #, 13 #, 15 #, 18 #, 21 #, 25 #, 28 #, etc.,

According to the standard formula:  diameter = type * 0.635mm, we can know the diameter of a button .(Note: Generally it does not apply to special-shaped)

According to unit L (lignes, word comes from French):
  e.g. 1L = 0.625mm, 1 “(inch) = 25.4mm, we can convert as following:
12L = 7.5mm = 0.295 “/ 14L = 8.75mm = 0.344″ / 16L = 10mm = 0.393 ”

According to the quantity and unit:
Piece   1PC = 1PC
Dozen  1D = 12 PCs
Gross   1G = 144PCs
Great Gross   1GG = 12G = 1728 PCs
 According to buttons’ bottoms :
Plastic-base, Aluminum-base, Riveted-base, Buttoned-base, badge-base and others

 According to the designs:  Common face, plane face, pressure side and etc

Production process:

     Cloth button can be regarded as a kind of DIY, it is so easy to make one cloth button for girls. Firstly, we should prepare these products as a piece of clothing, several plastic buckles and needle and thread. The steps as follows:

     1 Cut a piece of cloth which is slightly larger than the button.

     2 Place the button in the middle of the cloth.

     3 Sew it up with plat stitches

     4 Tight the line up

      A cloth button had been finished.

     As the appearance of the cloth button is much more lovely, it usually used on baby clothing, children clothing, cute backpacks and hats.

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