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MC diamond


          MC diamond, which is a kind of crystal, is an important component of jewelry accessories and garment accessories. Its appearance is to satisfy the market on producing low-cost diamond. Nowadays, the price of MC diamond is just one third of Swarovski.


          The MC diamond in the market has been relatively completely, for white diamond, which is a taste of fantasy and attracting, its effect is much brighter than Czech diamond. For colorful diamond, its colors will be a little dignified.

           When we are choosing the MC diamond, we should take into account that there is not so many different between Czech diamond and it, but once used, the MC diamond will not be so bright than before and it lost its luster immediately.


           The earliest MC diamond was 10 cut-facet and with the yellow rubber-soled. In order to make the MC diamond more bright, there is another kind of diamond called DaoQ machine cut (DMC).The characteristic of DMC is that it has not only a good polish on both top and bottom like Korean diamond, but also the cut-facet on the side has polished as Swarovski or Czech diamond too. As the cost is decrease rapidly, DMC has a good cost-effective so it had been the best substitute of Swarovski to be the main product among the rhinestone.


         The same as ordinary rhinestone, you should keep the temperature at 120-150 degrees, the time is 10-15 seconds and the pressure is 4mpa, which is the best condition for hot-fix. It is common to use Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator or Mini-Iron to do it for personal and in the families.

Materials and Manufacturing

         In the process of melting the glass water, the main raw material is silica and missed with a certain percentage of lead oxide. After forming in stock, it will be polished and then is wash with medicine. The washed stock will put into the vacuum environment and electroplate, after it had been electroplated on the bottom, it will be colored and spraying the glue. The finished product should be picked and chose before its package. The same to the package of Swarovski, MC diamond is 10 Gross per bag too.

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