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Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator

Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator

    Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator is a convenient invention for DIY which is invented by Shanghai DaoQ Beads Co., Ltd. The product is making full use of drilling the air out so as to build a vacuum environment for drawing the rhinestone and locate it rightly.

Patent & Certification

     2007, Shanghai DaoQ beads Co., Ltd applied for a patent in Europe first, and then got the patent in USA and domestic too.

     2008, DaoQ Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator won the safety certification of CE ,GS and the environmental protection authentication of ROHS in European.

     2009, acquired the security certification in Australia.

    2009, won the UL certification in the United States and Canada.


    2008, DaoQ Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator sales in Germany firstly and then sold throughout Europe. At the same time, the product won the Innovation Award.

    2009, the rhinestone applicator also won the best exhibit in the Frankfurt show.

    2009, summer, Daoq Hot-fix Rhinestone Applicator was displayed in Las Vegas and attracted lots of customers attention, and DaoQ became one of the most popular booth.
    The branch of DaoQ in U.S. won annual Innovation Award.

Product parameters:
   Input voltage: 110V, 60HZ, or 220-240V, 55HZ
   Output: 18W, 12V
  Packing: 20x30x9cm.

 Weight: 1.10kg
Product components:

  1. Power plug
  2. Power supply box
  3. The vacuum switch
  4. The heating switch, you can regulate the temperature with it
  5. The vacuum tube
  6. The handle
  7. The regulate stomatal
  8. The stainless steel heating rod
  9. The copper nozzle
  10. The Logo of Shanghai DaoQ beads co., Ltd


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