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    Beads is an ordinary accessories, there are lots of colors and shapes for choosing, and are widely used on clothing, evening dress, Shoes, hats, handbags, hair accessories, wool textiles, beads, lighting, handicrafts and so on. It is soft, elegant and shining. If the beads are decorated on wool and wool knitted fabric, the fabric can produce a strong comparison and flash effect.


    According to the material, it can be divided into PVC and PET. The beads which are made of PVC are less environmentally friendly and its highest resistant temperature is 150 degrees while the PET are environmentally friendly and the temperature is 180 degrees.

    According to the type of products, there are silver beads, accidental pattern metallic beads, heat resistance laser metallic, heat resistance dull rainbow, heat resistance pearly rainbow, heat and washing resistance matte metallic, etc.
    The specifications of the beads can be separated from 2mm to 30mm, there are over hundreds of shapes, such as a flat sheet, hexagonal concave, square, leaf, snow, plum, cone pieces, shell pieces, crescent and star.

     Generally speaking, there are two kinds of beads in the market now, semi-finished and hulk. The semi-finished beads are the picture that had been arranged and at the bottom of it there is a hot melt adhesive. So it is quiet convenient for DIY. For those smart girls, they can choose bulk one and try to design the pictures they like.

    Beads have lots of characters, such as high stability, bright color, gorgeous colors and wear-resistant, etc.


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