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      Swarovski is a kind of imitated crystal (also known as man-made crystal) rhinestone, diamonds and flat diamonds, which is produced by Swarovski Company in Austria.

R & D History

     In the successful launch of imitated crystal, until 1980s, Swarovski released another kind of man-made crystal on which the bottom is electroplated. Because of the electroplated part makes the crystal shining, we call this kind of crystal as diamond.

     Later the 1980s, the hot melt adhesive was successfully attached to the bottom of flat stone which made the crystal can be ironed on clothing easily, meanwhile the invention obviates the steps for sewing or inserting to the clothing. So this kind of invention became popular very quickly.


      The main component is silicon dioxide and lead oxide which is used to enhance its role of refraction and diffraction effects, which makes the crystal have a natural effect like diamond shining.


      The crystals used on the accessories are called diamond, which is featured of cut tip for the bottom and is similar to the diamond. There is another kind of diamond can be sewed called hand-stitched diamond, its bottom is flat and there is one or more holes. Another kind of materials for motif is called Rhinestone, its feature is flat bottom and a layer of green glue.


      XILION, Swarovski ™ Crystal Series.
      With the tools, such as the DaoQ Rhinestone Applicator, you can insert the crystal on anywhere. Swarovski Crystal Series could make the bag, shoes, clothing, and mobile phones shining like diamond.

      Tips: Don’t dry-clean your clothes which insert with Swarovski rhinestone. You can gentle washing and air drying which is benefit. If you want machine wash, in order to avoid some damages on your rhinestones, turn over the clothes and be sure the rhinestone side inwards.

        The first time you use the Swarovski as the rhinestone, we recommend you better to test the stickiness in order to ensure a better overall effect.


        Usually, the Swarovski are adopting the proprietary package which is marked the Crystalized brand. Normally, there are 10 Luo per pack, equal to 1440.


        Crystal is encoded as CA, Swarovski is SCA, the Crystal’s specification is named as PP, and the color of Swarovski is the standard color.

        Rhinestone is encoded as SW, its specification is named from S06 to S40, the color’ code is similar to Crystal.


         Swarovski is the highest quality representative in this field, its latest product is XILIANG,CRYSTALIZED. But comparing to the ordinary use, the price of Swarovski is too expensive, so usually we chose some alternatives, such as MC, DaoQ MC and etc.

Certified Dealer

         Swarovski series adopt dealers system, which ensures the qualified service and genuine guarantee, so only those qualified dealers could be authorized to sell in the region.


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