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Nylon Zipper

         It has a long history for the use of nylon zipper, its tooth are slimmer and give us the feeling like translucent. This kind of zipper is usually used on underwear, skirts or some other light fabric.


        We can classified the zippers according to many aspects:
According to size, we can separate it as 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 7 #, 8 # and so on, the size of zipper could change according to the tooth.
According to the type, there are closed zipper, Opening zipper (can split), Double Closed End Zipper (X-zip and pull the first two pairs of opposite or O-zipper with double slider two contrary), Double open end zipper (inverse open and split).

According to the fabric, we have colorful nylon tape, waterproof nylon tape, nylon elastic cloth tape, etc.

        Tooth material are usually made of plastic (according to different requirements, the tooth’s color can be the same color with the fabric or different).

        Tape: Materials are generally fiber belt, cotton or polyester fibers and etc; we also choose the materials according to the special requirements.

        Tooth: Material could be plastic or zinc alloy, it is the part for two pieces to bite each other, the function of tooth is very important so when we are selecting the zipper, we should pay attention on tooth.

        Slider: The slider is composed with pull-tab, crown and body, and it finished after the process of forging, printing or electroplating and polishing. The slider can be made of variety kinds of material; mostly we chose steel, metal or industrial plastic. For the pull-tab, we have generic and customer-specific one. According to the regulations, we have following parameters:

3# Nylon Pull-tab, the high is 2.05-2.15mm, width is 4.2-4.25

5# Nylon Pull-tab, the high is 2.9-3.0mm, width is 6.5-6.6
        Limit Code: divide into top stop and bottom stop. The main function of them is to prevent the slider separate from the tooth.


       Tape: It is common for two colors on the same tape, because the nylon zipper usually made of polyester thread, suture, SMIC lines and variety kinds of silk, so it cannot be balance on the weight and colors all the time. When we are choosing the tapes, we should pay attention on their coloring without muddy spots and feeling soft though the tape is made of different kinds of fabrics.

       Tooth: The tooth is the decisive element for a zipper’s quality. So when we are choosing the zipper, we should observe the surface of the tooth and the pulling is smooth. After the zipper closed, whether the both tooth are bite each other well as the symmetrical tooth certainly affect the use of zippers.

       Slider: The pull-tab of nylon zipper is smaller and delicate, so we should pay more attention on when we are choosing it. There is another kind of zipper with auto-lock, so when the zipper is closed, it is necessary to check the pull-tab.
      Limit Code: The both stoppers should be bite on the tooth closely and tightly.

      Most of nylon zipper is finished after the coloring, so the necessary point is that you should check whether the color could fade after the washing in order to avoid the pollution to the clothing.

       As the zipper has its own adaptability in different environments, so when you are selecting the zippers, you should tell the manufacturers and sales where the zippers are used on and your requirements on zippers’ composition.

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