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Acrylic Button

  The button which is inserted with acrylic could shine like diamond and the lower price becomes a good choice for many clothing, hats and bags.

What is acrylic?

  Acrylic is a kind of new chemical material PAAM (polymethyl methacrylate). As its characteristic s of high transparency, better anti-acid and anti-alkali, long life and its recycling, acrylic was used as mirrors in aircraft, tank, and cab. In recent years, with the development of technology, the quality of acrylic products is better and better while the use becomes more widespread. In our daily life, the acrylic products can be used everywhere, such as gifts, kitchenware, sanitary ware, building materials, advertising display, home lighting, transportation products, entertainment products, 3C products, optical goods, agriculture, healthy care and so on.
Acrylic buttons Category:
According to the size:
  6.5 #, 8 #, 9 #, 10 #, 11.5 #, 13 #, 15 #, 18 #, 21 #, 25 #, 28 #, etc.,

According to the standard formula: diameter = type * 0.635mm, we can know the diameter of a button .(Note: Generally it does not apply to special-shaped)

According to unit L (lignes, word comes from French):
  e.g. 1L = 0.625mm, 1 “(inch) = 25.4mm, we can convert as following:
12L = 7.5mm = 0.295 “/ 14L = 8.75mm = 0.344″ / 16L = 10mm = 0.393 ”

According to the quantity and unit:
Piece   1PC = 1PC
Dozen  1D = 12 PCs
Gross   1G = 144PCs
Great Gross   1GG = 12G = 1728 PCs

According holes: invisible button and visible button

   Invisible button: the hole is located on the back of button

   Visible button: the hole is directly through the button; usually it has four holes and two holes.

We do not classify the buttons according to its shape because there are variety shapes.

Production process:

  The production of acrylic button is different from the normal one. There are three different ways to make as rod, plate and Manhattan. But for acrylic buttons, we usually inject the plastic into the mold, and then we can electroplate the color we need on the surface. Because the acrylic has the character of good transmittance, so after the plating, the whole button could be much more shining.

The advantages:

  Acrylic is known as the plastic which can compare with diamond; its advantages of high brightness and transparency are accepted by most of girls. At the same time, because of its high plasticity, the shapes of acrylic button can be variety. Some companies can make the acrylic buttons according to customers’ requirements.

  Because the hardness of acrylic is equivalent to the aluminum, so in the daily lives, it should be paid attention on the scratch on the surface of acrylic buttons. If it is scratched, you can polish it to restore the glossy surface.

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